Justin Watkins Q & A

Co-op Programs

Justin Watkins Q & A

Sector and Job Title and Key duties:

Public Administration. Manager of Strategic Services at United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

Co-op Work Terms:

Township of Norwich (May-August 2009); Niagara Region (January-August 2010. Extended an additional four months from September-December 2010)

Advice to current co-op students?

The co-op program was a top highlight of my time at Brock. And this is coming from someone who was enrolled during the market crash of '08! Brock has a fantastic political science program as well. When it came time to secure employment after graduating, I was the successful candidate for the first job I applied for. When debriefing with my employer it was noted that co-op enrollment and the placement experience gave me a competitive advantage.
My advice to students - your placements are what you make of it. Use it to make strong connections and develop rapport. I pursued a career in municipal government largely because of my placement at Niagara Region, and remain in contact with several of its mangers (including those that have moved on) to this day. I will always be strong booster of the co-op program and Brock.


Justin Watkins