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In September 2010 we will be partnering with the Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara to offer our Fall and Winter Readign Rocks Program.

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Reading Tutors for Families

The reading programs within the CHYS Reading Project often fill up very quickly. For this reason we suggest to parents that they may want to consider private tutoring for their child. Julie offers parents private tutoring that closely follows the curriculum of the CHYS Reading Project reading programs. Julie is an exceptional tutor and has found great success in her work with children. Please click on the following link to find out more about Julie's tutoring:

Julie Galambos Tutoring Program


Student Volunteer Tutoring Opportunities with CHYS Reading Project

The CHYS Reading Project is always looking for strong Brock students to participate as volunteer tutors in our Fall and Winter programs. Please email John McNamara (jmcnamara@brocku.ca) if you are interested.

As a tutor in the CHYS Reading Project you will be working as a tutor for a child with learning disabilities. You will be working under the direction of Dr. John McNamara and the CHYS Reading Project Team. Tutoring will take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30 - 7:00pm . All tutoring takes place at Brock University in the Plaza building. You will be provided with training and support to work with your child from the Niagara community.

This volunteer experience is an excellent opportunity to gain experience working one-to-one with a child with learning disabilities. To learn more about this particular tutoring program offered by the CHYS Reading Project should click on the Fall / Winter Tutoring Program link. All students participating in the program will be provided with a letter of reference outlining your role in the program.

Brock students wanting to use their volunteer hours with the CHYS Reading Project should contact John McNamara at  jmcnamara@brocku.ca





























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