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In May 2011, the CHYS Reading Project will partner with the Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara to offer its Spring Reading Program

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CHYS Spring Reading Program

This May, John McNamara and the LDANR have partnered to offer the Spring Reading Rocks at Brock Program (previously known as the CHYS Spring Reading Program). This program has been offered each spring for the past 7 years under the direction of Dr. John McNamara. This program will once again be offered this coming spring. There is no cost for this 4-week program that is offered each monday and wednesday evening at Brock University. This program is designed for children with reading difficulties. Participating children will be matched up with a Brock student for 8 sessions of programming, where the tutors develop an individualized need-based reading program. This program targets children and youth who experience difficulty with their reading and writing skills. Through one-on-one instruction students work on a variety of literacy skills including: phonics, sight words, fluency, reading and listening comprehension, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and more, (ages: 5 – 12 years).

Since LDAN has partnered with Brock University to offer it as a credit for the tutors there will be no fee associated with participation in the program and LDAN membership is not required. Registration can be completed online but please note that there is limited space available.

To apply for the Spring Reading Rocks at Brock program please complete and submit the registration form at the LDAN's webiste here (www.ldaniagara.org). Your registration will be confirmed via email once your application is processed.

Please note: Since this program is also a training course for Brock students, participants must be able to attend all of the tutoring sessions. Student tutors are not able to arrange for make-up days for missed sessions. We thank you for your understanding.

Date: Wednesday May 4th – Wednesday June 1st (every Monday and Wednesday evening)

Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Brock University

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