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In September 2010 we will be partnering with the Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara to offer our Fall and Winter Readign Rocks Program.

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Reading Information

The most important tool parents can use to support healthy reading in their child is information. The following links are aimed at providing information about the reading process and how to support children learning to read.

Brock University Reading Clinic

The Brock University Reading Clinic provides comprehensive diagnosis and remedial program recommendations for children, adolescents and adults with reading, written, and oral language learning problems. Service provided include comprehensive assessment and remedial programming.

What is a Reading Disability?

Many parents wonder if their child has a reading or learning disability. In general, children who have learning disabilities are intelligent yet experiencing unexpected underachievement in a specific area such as reading. Often this results in difficulties in school which in turn creates frustration, lack of motivation, and possibly low self-confidence in reading.

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Reading Tips for Parents

In the first 10 years of their lives, children are charged with the task of learning thousands of new words. It is important that we begin supporting children in this difficult task as early as possible. The links below will take you to websites that provide ideas and activities aimed at supporting children in their reading.

Useful Websites for Promoting Healthy Reading in Children

Reading Tips for Educators

Learning to read is a complex process. Children engaged in this process must develop competency in word identification, comprehension, fluency and motivation. Children begin this process in the preschool years and continue throughout their education careers. This following list of websites is designed to provide educators with ideas about supporting children as they process through the process of learning to read and reading to learn.

Useful Reading Websites for Educators







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