Team Info

Practice Times:

The Brock Cheerleaders practice two/three times a week and all practices are MANDATORY.  We do ask that you try to arrange your class schedule around practice times were possible as all athletes are required in attendance to run a full practice.

2012 - 2013 Practice Times

Tuesday - 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Bob Davis Gym) -- this practice time will be split between the Varsity and JV teams


Work-out/Conditioning Times:

You will be required to work out three (3) times per week in the weight room.  Random fitness testing will take place throughout the year to monitor individual progress.


Sporting Events:

The largest responsibility that the Brock University Cheerleaders have is representing their school at sporting events. Throwing up stunts, tumbling across the court, and yelling out cheers are all directed at getting the crowd involved with the game.  Even when the games are not going as well as they may have hoped, cheerleaders at Brock keep a smile on their face and give it their all until the end.  The sports that the cheerleaders most often attend are soccer, lacrosse, rugby and basketball.


Community Events:

The Brock Cheerleading Team participates in both University and Community events throughout the year (i.e., Grape & Wine Parade, Terry Fox Run, Frosh Week, etc.).


Nationals Competition Committment:

Nationals is not a program priority; rather, it is a GOAL! We work hard every year to attend Nationals, but first and foremost, all team members must master game cheering and basic fundamentals, such as endurance, dedication and athleticism.

We plan to attend the National University Cheerleading Championships hosted by PCA, Love to Cheer and Canadian Cheer Evolutions.