Dr. George Soleas

Dr. George Soleas

CCOVI Professional Affiliate
Senior VP, Logistics and Quality Assurance LCBO, Toronto, Ont.
Email: george.soleas@lcbo.com
Phone: 416-864-6723


  • Hotel Business Diploma, Hotel & Catering Institute of Cyprus, Cyprus
  • BSc, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont.
  • Certificate in Metallurgy, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont.
  • Oenology Diploma, University of California, Davis, CA
  • MSc, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont.
  • PhD, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont.
  • Master Certificate in Supply Chain & Logistics Management, York University, Toronto, Ont.

Wine quality; survey of undesirable metabolites in wine; wine authentication.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • L.D. Preston, D.E. Block, H. Heymann, G.J. Soleas, A.C. Noble, S.E. Ebeler (2007). Defining Vegetal Aromas in Cabernet Sauvignon using Sensory and Chemical Evaluations. Am. J. Enol & Vitic., 59:2, 2008.
  • J. Spaak, A. Merlocco, G. Tomlinson, G. J. Soleas, B. Morris, P. Picton, C. Notarius, C. Chan, J.S. Floras. Dose related effect of red wine and alcohol on hemodynamics, sympathetic nerve activity and arterial diameter. Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol. 294:H605-H612, 2008.
  • G.J. Pickering, K. Ker and G.J. Soleas. Determining of the critical stages of processing and tolerance limits for Harmonia axyridis for ‘ladybug taint’ in wine. Vitis 46 (2): 85-90, 2007.
  • G.J. Soleas, G.J. Pickering. Influence of variety, wine style, vintage and viticultural area on select chemical parameters of Canadian Icewine. Int. J. Food Agri. and Env. Vol.5 (3 & 4): 97-102, 2007. 
  • J. Spaak, A. Merlocco, G.J. Soleas, G. Tomlinson, B.L. Morris, P. Picton, C.F. Notarius, C. Chan, J.S. Floras. Dose-related effects of red wine and ethanol on hemodynamics, sympathetic nerve activity, arterial diameter. AJP-Heart Circ Physiolo 294: H1-H8, 2007.
  • G.J. Soleas, S. Cater. A Global Survey of Levels of Undesirable Metabolites in Wine. ASEV Symposium – Managing Microbial Flora. Reno, Nevada, USA, 2007. 


Dr. George Soleas