Dr. Dirk De Clercq

Dr. Dirk De Clercq

CCOVI Fellow
Professor of Management
Recipient of Brock University's Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence

Goodman School of Business, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ont.
Email: ddeclercq@brocku.ca
Phone: 905-688-5550 x5187
Fax: 905-641-8068
Office: TA 428

Bachelor and Master in Engineering, Ghent University, Belgium
Master in General Management, Ghent University, Belgium
PhD in Business Administration, University of Minnesota, USA

Research Methodology

Wine business; entrepreneurship; innovation; cross-country studies.

Latest Publications and Presentations

  • De Clercq, D., and Voronov, M. 2009. The Role of Cultural and Symbolic Capital in Entrepreneurs' Ability to Meet Expectations about Conformity and Innovation. Journal of Small Business Management, 47, 398-420.
  • De Clercq, D., and Voronov, M. 2009. Toward a Practice Perspective of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial Legitimacy as Habitus. International Small Business Journal, 27, 395-419.
  • Voronov, M., De Clercq, D., and Hinings, C.R. 2009. Social Classification and Interests in Ontario Wine Industry. Cahiers du CEREN, 27, 43-55.
  • De Clercq, D., and Voronov, M. 2009. The role of domination in newcomers’ legitimation as entrepreneurs. Organization, 16(6): 799-827.
  • De Clercq, D., and Dakhli, M. 2009. Personal Strain and Ethical Standards of the Self-Employed. Journal of Business Venturing, 24(5): 477-490.
  • De Clercq, D., Menguc, B., and Auh, S. 2009. Unpacking the Relationship between Innovation Strategy and Firm Performance: The Role of Task Conflict and Political Activity. Journal of Business Research, 62(11): 1046-1053.
  • De Clercq, D., Thongpapanl, N., and Dimov, D. 2009. When Good Conflict Gets Better and Bad Conflict Becomes Worse: The Role of Social Capital in the Conflict–Innovation Relationship. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37(3): 283-297.
  • De Clercq, D., Menzies, T., Diochon, M., and Gasse, Y. 2009. Explaining Nascent Entrepreneurs’ Goal Commitment: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 22(2): 123-139. 
Dr. Dirk De Clercq