WSET Program, Policies and Procedures

WSET Program, Policies and Procedures


The most highly respected and internationally transferable wine certification available.

Level 1 Award in Wine

·         Introductory course for those new to wine education. Learn the basics of grape varieties, health, safety and legal issues as well as food and wine pairing.

·         One day course (9:15-5 p.m.), check "Course Listings" for dates.

·         Registration fee: $300

·         Includes all course materials, wine and Level 1 WSET Certification and lapel pin upon completion.

Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits

·         Geared to those employed in the drinks industry or anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of wine and spirits in a structured way.

·         Courses run in April and again in September (evenings). Duration: 9 weeks, check "Course Listings" for dates.

·         Registration fee: $650

·         Includes all course materials, wine and Level 2 WSET Certification and lapel pin upon completion.

Level 3 Award in Wines & Spirits

·         Intended to provide in-depth knowledge of a wide range of wines and spirits. This qualification is also suitable for the wine enthusiast wishing to build on knowledge gained at Level 2.

·         Course runs in January (evenings). Duration: 14 weeks, check "Course Listings" for dates.

·         Registration fee: $1,100

·         Includes all course materials, wine and Level 3 WSET Certification and lapel pin upon completion.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Withdrawal up to 2 weeks prior to course start date: Refund of tuition, less $150 administration fee. Withdrawal between 2 weeks and 3 days prior to course start date: Refund of 50% of tuition less $150 administration fee. Withdrawal 3 days or less to course start date: No refund. Please note all course materials are paid upon registration, and are non-refundable.

Please find below additional WSET policies and procedures.

Advanced Standing:
Graduates of the following programs will be given entrance into Level 3 WSET Award (upon completion of an entrance test*):

  • Honours BSc in Oenology & Viticulture, Brock University 
  • Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS)
  • Independent Wine Education Guild (IWEG) - Level 2 WSET 
  • Master Taster Certificate, Niagara College 
  • All other programs - please contact

*The entrance test will be used to demonstrate equivalent level of knowledge at the WSET Level 2. NOTE: There will be a nominal administration fee of $25 assessed at time of sitting for the test. Upon successful completion of the entrance test, you must be sufficiently familiar with the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting prior to the commencement of the first Level 3 class.

Please speak with Barb Tatarnic, Manager of Continuing Education for confirmation via telephone: 905-688-5550 ext. 4652 or e-mail:


Examination Procedure:
The Wine & Spirit Education Trust operates a thorough system of checks before the release of examination results in order to ensure that, as far as possible, they are completely accurate. An enquiries and appeals system exists to identify and correct errors in marking and/or processing. Please note that a scanning process is used to mark the multiple choice examination and it is therefore very rare for initial marks to be incorrect, providing the candidate has completed the answer form header correctly.

If you believe there is an error in the grading of papers, please contact Barb Tatarnic, WSET at CCOVI, Brock University (the organization responsible for conducting the examination) and ask for a copy of the guidance notes and “Application Form for Enquiries against Examination Results”.

Candidates Requiring Reasonable Adjustments:
A reasonable adjustment involves any action that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty that places the candidate at a substantial disadvantage in the assessment situation. WSET and CCOVI, Brock University seek to conduct the assessment of all candidates in a way that puts them at no disadvantage, or advantage, over other candidates.

Reasonable adjustments must not affect the integrity of what needs to be assessed, but may involve:

  • Changing standard assessment arrangements, for example allowing candidates extra time to complete the assessment activity 
  • Adapting assessment materials, such as providing materials in large text format 
  • Providing access facilitators during assessment, such as a sign language interpreter or reader 
  • Re-organising the assessment room, such as removal of visual stimuli for an autistic candidate.

A "Request for Reasonable Adjustment" form is only approved or set in place before the assessment activity takes place; please speak with Barb Tatarnic either at time of registration or after the first class has concluded if you have any special assessment needs which will require any reasonable adjustments to be made for examination purposes. Out of fairness to all candidates, evidence of the individual circumstance(s) must be produced.

Candidates Requiring Special Consideration due to temporary illness, injury or adverse circumstance:
"Special Consideration" situation is when the candidate is not able to take the examination due to temporary illness, injury, indisposition or adverse circumstances at the time of the examination. It is crucial that the candidate inform the Program Manager (Barb Tatarnic) so a "Request for Special Consideration" form may be completed. WSET must be notified through CCOVI (APP) in writing within five days of the examination date. Consideration will only be considered with the inclusion of supporting independent documentation.

Where a candidate is unable to attend an examination due to recent personal illness, accident or bereavement we will accommodate the candidate with an alternative examination date at no extra cost (with proper documentation).

Not able to write or no shows will be assessed with a "Re-sit" fee which is non-refundable.
Costs are subject to change - consult with the Program Manager to confirm- 2012/2013 fees:
Level 1 : $75
Level 2 : $100
Level 3 : $150 (written) and $150 (tasting)


A candidate may only appeal against an examination result once an enquiry has been processed. Any candidate unsatisfied with the result of the review and re-marking of an examination paper should first contact Barb Tatarnic, WSET Manager in writing to request an "Appeal against Examination Results Application" form. The Appeal will be taken to WSET Awards and assessed by the Director of WSET Awards and subsequently submitted to the Appeals Panel for independent review. WSET Awards will advise the candidate and WSET Brock University of its decision within 40 working days for Levels 1-3 and 60 working days for Level 4 and 5.

Where appeals are upheld WSET Awards will:

  • Refund the appeal application fee 
  • Amend the examination result accordingly 
  • Issue a new certificate free of charge following return of the original certificate as appropriate.

Appeal Application Fee:
Costs subject to change - consult with the Program Coordinator to confirm.
2009/2010 fees:
Level 1 : $75
Level 2 : $75
Level 3 - Unit 1 Theory: $175
Level 3 - Unit 2 Tasting: $130