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Overall Contest Statistics

Number of Contests103
Number of Tests Written139,583
Number of Tests Written in English135,133 (96.81%)
Number of Tests Written in French4,450 (3.19%)
Number of Students48,896
Average Score38.74%
Average Time35:14
Number of Schools912
Number of Countries14
Highest Number of Participants in one Contest4,485
Highest Number of Participants in one Day10,935
Participants in Grade 3/4 Caribou Cup12,725
Participants in Grade 5/6 Caribou Cup17,726
Participants in Grade 7/8 Caribou Cup16,996
Participants in Grade 9/10 Caribou Cup1,079
Participants in Grade 11/12 Caribou Cup370
Contest DayNumber of Participations
March 12th, 2009587
October 14th, 2009376
November 18th, 2009521
January 20th, 2010745
February 17th, 2010571
April 21st, 2010906
May 19th, 2010552
October 13th, 20102,621
November 17th, 20103,103
January 19th, 20113,207
February 16th, 20113,458
April 20th, 20113,752
May 18th, 20112,955
October 12th, 20115,073
November 16th, 20115,362
January 18th, 20126,060
February 15th, 20125,850
April 18th, 20125,950
May 9th, 20125,606
October 17th, 20125,414
November 14th, 20123,926
January 16th, 20134,028
February 13th, 20133,879
April 10th, 20133,914
May 8th, 20133,835
October 16th, 201310,935
November 13th, 201310,334
January 15th, 20149,745
February 12th, 20148,842
April 2nd, 20148,807
May 7th, 20148,669

Top Participating Schools

SchoolNumber of Contests HeldCity
École Royal Vale78Montréal, QC
Irwin Park Elementary71West Vancouver, BC
David Lewis P.S.70Toronto, ON
W. H. Morden P.S.69Oakville, ON
Mackenzie Community School68Deep River, ON
Warnica P.S.67Barrie, ON
Lester B. Pearson E.S.65Waterloo, ON
Westmount P.S.63Peterborough, ON
Beau Valley P.S.62Oshawa, ON
Sacred Heart62Wingham, ON

Province Participation

CountryProvinceNumber of SchoolsNumber of ParticipantsPercent of Total
CanadaBritish Columbia8711,5548.28%
CanadaNew Brunswick253,9092.8%
CanadaNewfoundland and Labrador110%
CanadaNorthwest Territories1110.01%
CanadaNova Scotia171,1300.81%
CanadaPrince Edward Island48160.58%
Czech RepublicPraha hlavni mesto12150.15%
GermanyNordrhein Westfalen1390.03%
IndiaAndhra Pradesh11410.1%
KazakhstanAlmaty Almaty1350.03%
South KoreaSeoul11890.14%
United Arab EmiratesDubai1150.01%
United StatesAlabama1320.02%
United StatesArkansas23920.28%
United StatesCalifornia2800.06%
United StatesConnecticut2150.01%
United StatesFlorida26150.44%
United StatesKansas120%
United StatesMassachusetts34460.32%
United StatesNew York64830.35%
United StatesNorth Carolina35910.42%
United StatesOhio1410.03%
United StatesSouth Carolina1920.07%
United StatesTennessee13360.24%
United StatesTexas23010.22%
United StatesWyoming1180.01%
VietnamHo Chi Minh11480.11%
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The red line is the 8th least squares approximation to the data.