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How to Participiate


  1. At least one teacher of the school or one librarian from the library must register. If they have registered in previous years, they do not need to register again.
  2. The teacher must get student access codes (free or paid). For paid access codes, the teacher can buy codes themselves, or allow third parties to pay for them (eg parents).
  3. On a contest day, the teacher hands out the access codes to their students, which allow the students to take part in the contest. That access code becomes that student's code for the rest of the school year, they will use it to start every contest that year.
  4. On the evening of a contest day, students can log in to see their results and print certificates using the same access code. Teachers also get detailed statistics about how their students did, in addition to printing certificates.


The contests can be written by students in grades 3-12, and must be administered at a school by school staff (alternitively, students can write at a library, church or government institution administered by staff of those places). This helps to ensure a fair competition. The contests run between 07:30:00 and 15:30:00 in each timezone.

All contests for grades 3/4 are free to write, as well as the first contest in October for all grades. For grades 5-12, the fee is $12.00 per student for the whole school year. Alternitively, a school can purchase a school wide pass for $280.00, which allows all students in all grade levels to write all contests that year. Prices are subject to 13% tax (HST). Schools can claim the HST back under our business name "Caribou Contests" and business number BN 834584237RT0001.


If you want to participate this year, find out if your school is already particpating in the contests. You can view all the schools currently registered at the registered schools page. If your school isn't in the list, ask your teacher if they would be willing to register with Caribou and administer the contests. Home schooled students may take part at a library or other institution. Ask the library staff to register and administer the contests. Otherwise, try to contact another school that is participating (look for * on the registered schools page) and ask if you can take part at their school.


For helpful information on how to get your child participating in the Caribou Contests, see the "Students" paragraph above.

If you need to sponsor your child yourself, you can pay online using PayPal © in one of the following ways:

If your child's school or teacher is not in the drop down list on those pages, then you should contact the teacher. They need to sign in and "Allow Third Party Payments," which they can do on their Edit my Account page. Once they set that option to on, the school will appear in the list. Once you pay for the access codes, your child's teacher will be emailed informing them of the purchase made.


First, you must register if you have not already. Then, sign in and get student access codes (free or paid). For free access codes (grade 3/4, or the October contest for all grades), you can use the "Get Free/More Access Codes" link available on your teacher main menu, or in the side menu. Otherwise, you must purchase access codes in one of three ways:

If you purchase individual access codes, the codes will be emailed to you right away. If you purchase a school wide pass, you have to manually request additional access codes using the "Get Free/More Access Codes" link, but you can get as many as you need and for all grades. Afterwards, you can use the "Display Access Codes" page to view the access codes you have online.

If parents will purchase the access codes instead, you should change the option to "Allow Third Party Payments." You can do this from your "Edit my Account" page. Then, your name will appear on the public list on the above pages, so parents will be able to purchase access codes for your students. Like all other codes you can view these codes by clicking "Display Access Codes".

On a contest day, you will have to hand out the access codes to your students. If a student hasn't taken part in any contest this school year so far, give them an access code that hasn't been used before. Otherwise, students need to use the same access code as they used for their previous contests. The "Display Access Codes" page displays which access codes belong to which students. Students do not ever need to register. Their account becomes created once they use the access code for the first time.