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KOM Consultants is the official Canadian Representative for selected universities throughout Australia and Britain.  Service to the student, supporting them through the application and entire transition process to their overseas destination, is our number one priority.
Since 1991, the highly experienced KOM team has assisted many cohorts of students in pursuit of an international education.  Our goal is to provide sound advice and guidance to meet each student’s requirements.
Our friendly, knowledgeable staff welcomes students and their families to visit our Hamilton, Ontario office for individual counselling.  To provide our best service, we encourage clients to call ahead for an appointment.

Limit your frustrations and apply online with KOM TODAY www.komconsultants.com/registration.asp

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KOM host webinars throughout the year. click on the WEBINAR TAB on KOM's homepage for upcoming sessions.
You can also request a webinar on a specific topic  or program area by sending us an email at info@komconsultants.com  or calling 1-877-318-8203

Students and parents can also visit our office in Hamilton, Ontario for individual counseling.  Please call to set up an appointment today.

For further information, please contact us at:

905 318 8200
1 877 318 8203     

Email: info@komconsultants.com
Web: www.komconsultants.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/komconsultants


Recruiting Contact person:
Derrick Willcott    dwillcott@komconsultants.com
Number of Employees: 9
Year Founded: 1991
Organizational Culture: Young and Savvy.
Typical Student we look for:
Students that are interested in travelling over seas for Post Graduate Studies i.e Teacher College, Physio, Occupational Therapy, MBA and many more.
Geographical area of Schools:
19 Universities all over Australia and 3 in the U.K


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