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CANTEACH is the Official Canadian agent for Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales (exclusively). CANTEACH was created for Canadians who want to do their Teachers College in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland or Wales to obtain their teacher certification. As a Canadian, who has studied and taught abroad, I am aware of the many benefits that this type of experience has to offer. During my time teaching at a teachers college in Buffalo, NY, I was amazed at the length and effort students would go to to obtain their teaching certificate. When I moved to New Zealand, it became apparent that Canadians needed to come down under. Europe was also a destination that has many benefits for studying abroad, especially Scotland and Wales. The many benefits Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales have to offer are the wonderful people and country, taking part in the world class training programs for preparing Teachers and Professionals, tuition cost as well as experiencing a different culture and to travel. I set up the process for Canadians to attend my Representative Australian, New Zealand, Scottish and Welsh Universities to be able to obtain their teaching certificate abroad and back to Canada.
PO Box 79156
Christchurch, New Zealand 8446
Call Mike Johnson in New Zealand (NZD)
Toll Free: 1-866-488-6700 after 5pm in Ontarion
Phone: 011-64-3-358-8049 (NZD)
Fax: 011-64-3-358-5049 (NZD)
  • Recruiting contact person – Mike Johnson
  • Typical opportunities your organization offers – Teachers College
  • Geographical location of positions – Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales
  • Video clips of a virtual presentation or “a day in the life of”
  • Career related events you will be attending at Brock – Career Expo, November 2
  • Why you hire/recruit Brock students – they are easy to work with, motivated and are interested in becoming teachers
  • Interesting and unique information about us –
    • Direct acceptances available to Brock students to the University of the Sunshine Coast from Mike Johnson
    • Early acceptances available to Brock students to the University of the Sunshine Coast from Mike Johnson
    • I give all of my students a certification workshop on how to get certified in ON. Every student I have ever worked with has been certified in ON.


  • Anything else you want students to know!! – I will get students accepted to Teachers College abroad
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Be a Pan Am/Parapan Am Volunteer!
July 10, 2015 - 12:00pm - August 15, 2015 - 12:00pm