Thinking About Mentorship?

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Thinking About Mentorship?


You know that mentoring and mentorship sounds like a good idea , but you’re not sure if its for you? This page is designed to help you understand that a mentoring relationship in Mentorship Plus is beneficial for all involved! Here we will answer some frequently asked questions and point out the benefits of being involved in mentoring. 
What do I have to do? What are the Program Requirements?
  • Mentors are asked to attend a mentoring orientation.  (webinar options available)
  • Depending on the mentoring program we ask for a commitment of 2-4 hours / month of mentoring time
  • Willingness and ability to meet with your mentor/mentee at agreed upon times.
  • Completing and approving a mentoring agreement between the pair that acts as a guide, highlighting the goals of the relationship and the boundaries
  • For Senior Mentors - You must have an overall academic average of 65%, and a min of 8.5 credits (feel free to contact us if you have any questions around these requirements)
Benefits to participants
  • Contribute to student development
  • Be a positive and inspiring role model
  • Refine leadership, communication, goal setting, advising or coaching skills
  • Engage in self discovery – learn as you share
  • Share your knowledge of services, academics, university programs, labour market
  • Develop and refine sought after skills such as, leadership, communication, goal setting
  • Gain an opportunity to receive feedback and refine your goals
  • Learn from other’s experiences
  • Be challenged to take risks, set new goals, and achieve higher standards
  • Become better acquainted with the services Brock has to offer


A Few words from Previous  Participants

First Year Mentee
“My mentor was great, very energetic, she arranged for us to meet in career services and she kept me honest by having us meet a few weeks in a row in order to complete my resume, and introduced me to some important people in my area of study.”
Senior Student Mentor
“I really enjoyed being a mentor this year. It allowed me to look at school from someone else's perspective. I was able to help a fellow student with questions and problems they were experiencing making me feel good about myself.”
Career Mentee
“[Mentorship Plus] pairs you with an enthusiastic mentor with real-world experience who is able to answer your questions. It’s the best source of career information and guidance”.
Alumni Mentor
“It’s a great opportunity to give back something extremely valuable to the Brock community. It’s a great chance to share our successes, experiences and stories to help others as they study and/or begin work”
Frequently Asked Questions
What is mentoring?
When an experienced individual acts as a coach, guide, teacher, or role model to someone less experienced.
Who are mentor/mentees?
Mentors/mentees can be students, Brock Graduates or community members with a connection or affinity to Brock. What these individuals have in common is their willingness to share their experiences and offer advice and guidance to Brock students.
What kind of information do mentors provide?
Mentors can provide personal insight, knowledge and life experiences surrounding both academic, personal, and professional successes and challenges.
How long does the mentoring relationship last?
Each level in Mentorship Plus has a different start date and end date.  
The expectation is that once started – the mentoring relationship continues until the agreed upon end date stated in the mentoring agreement. The mentoring pair can decide whether to continue the relationship past that agreed upon date.  For example, the first year & senior mentor progarm runs from Sept. - Dec. however some pairs might enjoy meeting after that in a less structured manner until April.
Why would I want a mentor?
Students may be confused or unsure about academic and/or career plans and want someone to talk to. Students may also want help with skill development such as resume writing, studying habits, and interview skills. 
Why would I want to be a mentor?
Sharing specific knowledge, experiences, abilities or skills with others can make a positive difference in someone’s life. Further, involvement in Mentorship Plus can be tracked on your Experience Plus transcript. Mentors have the opportunity to give back to the Brock community. 
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