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Remember how you felt the first time you walked down the halls of Brock???
What is Thistle Corridor?  How do I get a photocopy card? Will I make any friends here?
Now you’re a pro – you’ve got experience and academically you’re succeeding. Now it's time to help someone new to Brock. Now it's time to be a mentor!
Am I eligible to be a Mentor?
Our mentors come from all disciplines across the University.  We need mentors from all subject areas. 
To be a mentor we require that you:
  • You have an overall academic average 65% or higher 
  • You are a senior student with a minimun of 8.5 credits
  • Commit 2-4 hours a month during the academic year, plus attend an orientation session before being matched
  • Willingness and ability to meet with your mentee at agreed upon times.
  • Complete a mentoring agreement between you and you match that acts as a guide, highlighting the goals of the relationship and the boundaries. 
What can I expect as a Senior Student Mentor? 
You will be matched with a first year student who is in the same program of study. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to use your knowledge of services, academics,  and campus to help create a supportive environment for your mentee. Your tips and tricks for getting through university will help your mentee succeed in their transition to University life while also exposing them to the many exciting opportunities that Brock has to offer.
What will I get out of mentoring?
  • The opportunity to increase your mentees awareness about different services and events on campus
  • A chance to refine your skills such as – listening, communication, problem solving – skills employers are looking for!
  • Build a friendship by discussing and sharing similar experiences at university
  • The opportunity to take on a leadership role and advise your mentee with feedback and tips in order to help them be successful at Brock
  • Help support your mentee in developing a plan to achieve his/her academic or career goals
  • Offer your academic and personal university experiences to help your mentee understand potential challenges and how to overcome them
  • Build your resume and portfolio by participating in a valuable student success program
  • Have your volunteer experience recorded on your Experience Plus transcript
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senior student mentor with her mentee