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ISP Mentoring

The ISP mentoring program brings together senior ISP students with incoming (Aug 2014) ISP students who are in the same or similar programs of study. The senior mentor will assist the incoming ISP mentee with their transition to Brock to ensure their time at university is a success academically and beyond.  

Senior ISP students – We Need you!

Remember how you felt when you first arrived in Canada to attend Brock?

Will these classes be too difficult?  Where will I find my favorite foods? Where should I get my winter jacket and how do I get to J Block?  Now you’re a pro – you have the experience and academically you’re succeeding.  Now it’s time for you to mentor an incoming ISP student!

Experience this... a volunteer leadership opportunity like no other.

As a senior ISP mentor you will be matched with an incoming ISP student who is in the same or similar program of study.  You will have the opportunity to use your knowledge of Brock services, student life and academics to create a supportive environment for your mentee.  They will learn from your experience and you will gain a valuable leadership opportunity that will look great on your resume!

Program Requirements:

  • To be considered a senior in this program you would have started your ISP program in Aug 2013 or earlier
  • Committment of 2-4 hours per month from start of relationship (typically early Sept) until December 2014.
  • Attend senior mentor orientation session 
  • Complete the online mentoring agreement with your mentee and follow the action steps to help your mentee achieve their goals

To get started as a mentor fill out a profile on  using your Brock username and password.  Under my programs pick:  ISP senior mentor (aug 2013 start)


LET EXPERIENCE BE YOUR GUIDE... if you are an incoming August 2014 ISP student you are considered the mentee. 

ISP Mentees

When you first arrive at Brock you will probably be filled with a mixture of emotions including nervousness and excitement.  Living in a new city and trying to balance your academics with any kind of a social life can be difficult.  Luckily for you, the ISP mentoring program will offer you your own senior mentor who will be your guide to help you achieve your goals.  You will receive the support and encouragement you need at this time to ensure your time at Brock is successful.  Your mentor has been through it all before and they are here to show you the ropes. 

How you will benefit: 

  • Learn about volunteer experiences and how they enhance your resume
  • Have a friend who can advise you about your studies, student life and everything in between
  • A positive role model to discuss your ideas and concerns  with, who will give you feedback and tips for success
  • A guide to encourage you and help you feel comfortable and connected while you live and learn in Niagara

 … and much more

 To get started as a mentee fill out a profile on  using your Brock username and password.  Under my programs pick:  ISP mentee (aug 2014 start)