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Co-op Match

First Year Students - Register in Summer for Early September Matching

Co-op Match brings junior and senior students together to exchange information about cooperative education. The program encourages peers to exchange their knowledge and helps provide students with motivation and a greater feeling of satisfaction. Junior students are encouraged to connect with a mentor (a senior experienced co-op student) to talk about co-op, job search strategies, how to succeed on a co-op work term, setting and reaching professional goals, and everything in between. The program should improve junior student success and retention and enhance the leadership skills of senior students.

What are the benefits?

  • Development and enhancement of communication and leadership skills
  • Learn more about the services, resources and events offered at Brock
  • Less experienced students benefit from the knowledge and practical skills an experienced student has gained along the way
  • Become eligible for co-op student awards
  • Receive recognition on your co-curricular transcript
  • Senior students give practical advice to junior students on topics such as the placement process, work terms, work-term objectives and reflections, and the work-term report

What is expected?

  • The next round of Co op Match will run from Sept.- Dec 2015
  • The mentoring relationship requires a committment to connect with your partner at least 4 times per term
  • Mandatory training session
  • Mentoring involves discussions, answering questions, and keeping in regular touch with your mentee in person as well as by text, email and phone
  • Actively participate in conversations to get the most out of the opportunity

How do I get started?

First - know your role.  -(read all the info before you log into MentorMatch)

If you are a first or second year CO-OP student you are considered the mentee.

If you are a senior CO-OP student who has completed at least one work term (and meets all the eligbility requirements as set by the dept.) you are the mentor.

All students log into MentorMatch

enter your regular Brock credentials ie.  jc96ab and password

Fill out the profile - you must answer mandatory questions indicated by (*)

Under "My Program, I would like to participate in this capacity" (drop down menu)

select either "Coop Match MENTEE", OR "Coop Match MENTOR"

 Returning Sr. Mentors click here to mentor for September 2015 

If you have trouble logging in please email

If you have questions regarding your eligibility as a senior Co-op mentor please consult the Co op office.