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Is Med Plus only for people interested in becoming doctors?
No, Med Plus is designed for students who are interested in pursuing any career in health care.
Are you eligible for Med Plus if you are in upper years of university?
Yes, all students accepted into a degree program at Brock University with a minimum 80% average in their final year of high school, or their most recent university year are eligible. Each eligible student is given equal consideration and Med Plus does not reserve any positions specifically for upper years students.
Are your current marks considered for entrance into Med Plus?
Yes, the marks from your current year are used to determine your average for entrance into the program.
Does it matter what program you are in at Brock?
No, you should choose a program that is of interest to you. It is important, however, to ensure that you are taking the required courses for entrance into medical school or any other health professional program you choose.
What is the difference between the levels (Level I, II, III, IV)?
The four levels build on each other. Each level becomes more focused and allows for more direct contact with health professionals and community agencies in the region. Check the on-line curriculum for more details.
Are there assignments in Med Plus?
There are no formal assignments. However, short volunteer and job-shadowing reports must be filled out upon completion of the experience. Upper year Med Plus students may also have the opportunity to do individualized projects to build upon their understanding of health care issues.
Are you graded in Med Plus?
There will not be any grades assigned to any part of Med Plus. Supervisors of your volunteer placement will complete a volunteer evaluation when you are finished your placement.
How much time is required for Med Plus?
Med Plus students do an average of 5-7 hours of programming per week (less during heavy academic workload times).
Do you have to attend all Med Plus programming?
You are required to participate in the full curriculum.
Is there a rural health component to Med Plus?
Yes, the Niagara Region is a blend of rural and urban areas. Therefore we integrate rural aspects of health care into the speaker series and observations visits in Med Plus.
How does Med Plus prepare you for Medical School?
A key aspect of the medical application process is demonstrating an awareness of the rigors of a medical career and discussing issues that physicians face. Med Plus helps by providing:
  • Better understanding of the health practitioner's role in today's health care environment
  • Improved understanding of the requirements and demands of medical school training
  • Exposure to numerous health-related professional careers, in addition to the practice of medicine
  • Experience in volunteer situations with the ill and disabled to develop the personal interaction skills required of health professionals
  • Career planning to explore options for health care professions
  • Better preparation for medical school, from both the admissions and the academic perspectives
In medical school and other health profession schools, you will need to exercise skills in teamwork and leadership and employ a broad understanding of health care. Med Plus prepares you with workshops in these areas, such as: first aid, CPR, team building and leadership skills, computer training, nutrition, presentation skills and time and stress management workshops.
How much are the Med Plus fees?
Level I  & II fees are $775 each year
Level III & IV fees are $475 each year
Please note: fees are subject to change without notice.

How do I apply to Med Plus? What is the application deadline?
Applications for the Med Plus program will open in January with a deadline of April 30, 2016.

There are 3 steps to the application process:

  1. Complete the online application, which includes providing the name and email of a reference
  2. Submit your academic transcript or give us permission on the application to check your transcript electronically
  3. The Letter of Reference form must be received directly from your reference

The application and supporting documents must be received by the application deadline.

How long should my application be?
It is important to remember that the admissions committee uses this information to determine your suitability for the program. However, each question is limited to 250 words. Therefore, your answers should be informative, but succinct.
How many applicants are there on average?
The number of applicants continues to grow each year and always exceeds the number of spaces available in the program.
Where does my referee send the letter of reference?
Once you have submitted your online application, a Letter of Reference form will be emailed directly to your referee to complete and return to the Med Plus Coordinator via email before the application deadline.
Do you have my transcripts from my application to Brock or do I need to send them again?
You will need to give us permission on the Med Plus application  for us to view your transcripts that Brock has recieved so we can  evaluate your eligibility for the program.
Do I send transcripts now or when the year is complete?
If you choose to send your transcripts by mail (please see above) your transcript needs to be received by the Med Plus program by the application deadline to be considered for entry into the program.
Can I apply to Med Plus before I am accepted into Brock University?

Yes. You do not need to receive your letter of acceptance to Brock before you apply to the Med Plus program. We encourage applicants to complete the application process as early as possible.

Does everything have to be in by the application deadline or just the application?
The Med Plus program must receive your application and all supporting documentation by the application deadline. Late applications will not be considered.



How is my application scored?

Applications are reviewed by the Med Plus Committee and are graded with the following weighting:

  • Marks: 40%
  • Content of Statement of Interest questions: 30%
  • Professionalism of application: 10%
  • Letter of Reference: 20%