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Interviewing for Academic Jobs


If you have applied for an academic position at a university and have met their initial requirements, you will be invited in for an academic interview. The basic principles behind this type of interview are very similar to those in other work environments. However, a key difference is the length of time you will be spending with your potential employer. 
An academic interview is often held over one or two days and will involve a number of individuals such as faculty members, graduate students and administrators of the program. In view of the length of time, it is important for you to do the necessary preparation. Even during the more casual moments over lunch hour or dinner time, you need to remember that you are still being evaluated. Many employers believe that the casual comments made when you’re in a relaxed environment are actually a truer reflection of your personality than when you are in a formal interview. 
With that in mind, we have enclosed some articles to prepare you for this process. 

Questions Asked in Academic Job Interviews

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