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Career Services is excited to support the professional development of graduate students as one of the partners of the Academic and Professional Development Committee.  This initiative is focused on providing graduate students with opportunities to develop professional skill sets and competencies that complement the knowledge acquired in graduate programs.

The partners are packaging and coordinating services, activities and resources that will prepare graduate students to make a successful transition to careers. Go to the Vitae Essential Skills website to become acquainted with the program and our other partners. The website features a listing of events - find out when and where to participate in many professional development workshops and activities here at Brock.

Grad Plus Transcript

What is tracked on your Grad Plus transcript?

Your co-curricular transcript documents various activities including:

  • Professional development workshops, activities and events
  • On-campus jobs (research assistant/teaching assistant)
  • Volunteer work
  • Scholarships/Awards
  • Internships
  • Skills

How to Register:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the "Applicant & Student Self Serve" tab on the top menu
  3. Select the "Student Self Serve - Menu" link
  4. Select the "Career Services", "Plus Programs", & "Student Data" menus

Once you have registered you can access and update your GradPlus account via this same process. PLEASE NOTE: GradPlus co-curricular transcript is administered through the Experience Plus system