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So, you want to be a Doctor…or a Lawyer…or a Teacher…?
You’ve had big dreams for yourself your entire life and now its time to make them a reality. Completing your undergraduate degree is just the first step towards achieving those goals, and now its time to plan and prepare for your entrance into professional school.
Planning for Professional School
There are many resources available to help you plan for professional school. The more you understand about the application process and preparation requirements, the more organized you will be to meet specific deadlines.
Preparing For Law School 
Preparing For Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Preparing For Medical School
Preparing For Teacher Education
Entrance Exam Preparation
Resources for Choosing a Professional Program
There are many great websites to help you choose a program and a school that is the right fit for you. 


International Graduate Programs

Visit the Study and Work Abroad section of our website for a detailed list of resources for international education programs


Meet with Educational Recruiters

Attend the Career & Post Graduate Expo and talk directly to representatives from a variety of educational institutions.
Check the Events Calendar weekly to see which educational institutions are coming to campus to talk about their programs.