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Are you destined for higher education?

Your experience as a graduate student is different from that of completing your undergraduate degree. Studies at this level are primarily research based and focus on advanced learning of a specific area, where a great deal of critical thinking, analytical and interpreting skills are required. Through research and the development of strong professional skills, graduate studies can help you prepare for a variety of advanced level careers.

Planning for Grad School

There are many resources available to help you plan for grad school. The more you understand about the application process and preparation requirements, the more organized you will be to meet specific deadlines.

Check out the following resources:

Grad School Education Guide

Quick Tips for Considering Grad School

Your Future: A Guide for Potential Graduate Students  


Graduate Programs in Canada and the United States

There are many great websites to help you choose a program and a school that is the right fit for you.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
Grad School Finder
Graduate Guide
The Princeton Review


International Graduate Programs

Visit the Study and Work Abroad section of our website for a detailed list of resources for international education programs

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