What can I do with my degree?

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What can I do with my degree?


Figuring out what to do after graduation can be a difficult decision. We are here to help. 

If you have no idea what you are interested in or where to start, visit the Career Assessment Tools section.
If you are investigating where your studies may take you after graduation, the Degree Exploration Guides are a great way for you to discover what you can do with your degree.
The guides provide you with:
  • a list of possible career options to research and explore
  • an overview of the skills that you gain from your degree at Brock
  • a variety of helpful resources to help you find employers and job opportunities in your field

 To begin, click on your faculty from the left side menu

In addition to our Degree Exploration Guides visit Academic Invest: an online site dedicated to helping students understand what they can do with their degree.

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