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Advantage Plus

The program you need to help you get the mark you want!

  • Advance your academic writing skills
  • Expand your research skills
  • Improve your organization skills


Advantage Plus offers a series of free online videos for building research and writing skills brought to you by Brock Library, A-Z Learning Services, and Career Services.

Module One:

  • Introduction / Orientation
  • How to do research online / from home
  • How to manage your library account
  • How to access materials not owned by Brock Library
  • How to get help in order to improve your writing skills

Module Two:

  • How to better manage your time / plan larger research papers
  • How to ask the right (research) questions / approach research critically
  • How to improve your search terms
  • How to find an article when you have the citation
  •  What is a database
  • How and why to find books on your topic
  • How to find a print book in the library

 Module Three:

  • What does ‘peer review’ mean and why does it matter for my paper
  • How to know if an online / web resource is credible / how to evaluate online information
  • How to get better results using Google Scholar / What is Google Scholar and when should I use it for my research
  • What is plagiarism and how do I avoid it
  • How to incorporate the information I found into my writing / my own words:  paraphrasing
  • How to summarize information in my writing
  • How / why to improve your essay-writing skills with Essay Zone


Join Now!

Access the Advantage Plus videos through SAKAI

Log into Sakai

  1. Click on My “My Workspace” on the top
  2. Click on “Membership” on the left panel
  3. Click on “Joinable Sites”
  4. Select Advantage Plus

Add to your portfolio and resume today.  Your participation in the Advantage Plus modules will be recognized and tracked on your Experience Plus transcript.

Students who complete all modules will be eligible to receive an Advantage Plus certificate. 


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