Digital Sign Request

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Digital Sign Request

Student Services partners are invited to advertise events and services to the Brock community on the digital sign located in the Thistle corridor outside the Learning Commons entrance.

Technical specs & information about the digital sign
Instructions for completing the request form

Please complete the form below with the necessary information and our department will review your request.


If you have questions, please contact Lisa Kuiper.



* Please Note: The digital sign already displays a Brock logo. As such, logos are not required on the media submitted.

Below, please upload any image or video files for the sign.

Accepted file formats:
Images (max 4 MB) - .gif .jpg .png .tif
Video (max 600 MB) - .avi .swf .mpg .wmv .mp4

If the images submitted above have not already been combined into a graphic for the screen:

- You can upload the individual components above and list any text content in the Content/Message field below
- Upload an Instruction Document outlining all of your content and how you would like it to look.
* Make sure to upload any image files you would like to use in the Graphic fields above.

NOTE: PDF & Word documents cannot be uploaded to the sign. Documents can only be used as instruction for combining images with messaging using design software to create your sign.

Accepted file formats:
Documents (max 4MB) - .txt .rtf .html .pdf .doc .docx .ppt .xls


Please indicate if there are any special scheduling instructions. For example, if you only want your content posted on Wednesday evenings, or on the weekends etc.