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Build Your Campus Brand

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Various opportunities are available to increase your on-campus visibility to both Brock students and alumni.

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On-Campus Advertising
On-campus advertising can include: Banner advertisements, posters, student newspaper, targeted student emails, and the Career Services website. For information on how to advertise on-campus, please contact us.
Sponsorship Opportunities
There are various events and programs where your organization can highlight your career opportunities through various print and online materials provided to students, graduating students and alumni. Please see the Fees for Service for more details on sponsorhip packages. Such programs and events that offer sponsorship opportunities are listed below:

Highlight your organization and career opportunities through the various online and print materials for graduating students in the program. This includes the opportunity to speak to students about career opportunities and expectations within your organization to graduates in the program as well as free advertising in student handouts, website offerings and targeted email campaigns. The costs for sponsorship is $1,000 CDN per academic year. This opportunity is exclusive to an individual company and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please contact Lisa Kuiper, Employer Development Coordinator at