Meal Plans

Meal Plans

New & Improved Meal Plans!

A variety of plans are now available to allow you to customize your plan to your personal needs!

New Meal Plans
Meal Plan   Non-Taxable Amount Flex Amount Total Amount
Traditional Residence (Mandatory) Basic $3600 $300 $3900
  Light $3950 $300 $4250
  Regular* $4200 $300 $4500
  Varsity $4450 $300 $4750
Non-Traditional Residence   $2000 $300 $2300

*Regular is the default meal plan for all traditional residence students unless otherwise specified. If you wish to select a different meal plan, simply fill out this form accordingly and submit it by August 31, 2015 otherwise you will be defaulted to the Regular plan. By selecting a different Meal Plan the default will be replaced. You will not be charged for two meal plans as there can only be one assigned to a Student ID at a time.

Non-Traditional Resident/ Off Campus Student- Meal Plan Purchase
For those students residing in a Non-Traditional Residence (Quarry View or Village) or Off Campus, meal plans are not mandatory. If you choose to purchase a meal plan and you are a student residing in a non-traditional residence or off campus, please note the following important information:
Non-traditional resident students or Off Campus students purchasing a meal plan will have the option to have their meal plan choice billed to their student account, or pay in person at the Brock Card office.
Important Dates:
o             SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2015- deadline for Non-Traditional/ Off Campus Meal Plan form submission for Student Account billing
o             SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2015- Term 1 payment due date, including Meal Plan is due on Student Account (Please note: payment takes 2 business days to process)
In the event that your student account is not paid by the due date, an email will be sent to your Brock email address notifying you of the overdue payment, at which point you will have 5 business days to make payment.  After this time, a hold will be placed on your Brock Card until the full amount is paid.

Meal Plans are mandatory for students living in a traditional residence (DeCew, Lowenberger, Vallee & Earp) with a basic tax-exempt, non-refundable portion of either $3600, $3950, $4200 or $4450.

Students living in Village & Quarry View Residence or Off Campus also have options for a non-mandatory meal plan. They may choose from one of our four standard options geared towards those living in traditional residences OR select a Non-Traditional Plan for $2000.

Please note: starting September 18, 2015 any Off-Campus students purchasing a meal plan will have to purchase the meal plan up front using cash/debit/credit or cheque (made payable to Brock University). This also applies to any Non-Traditional students purchasing a second meal plan.

Each Meal Plan also includes $300 Flex Dollars. This portion will automatically roll over to the next academic year unless a refund is requested. Those leaving Brock or graduating can request a refund of Flex dollars by visiting the Brock Card Office. Please note: all refunds are subject to a $25 administration fee. 

NEW! If you do not use all your money by the end of the academic term, you will be able to carry over any unused meal plan dollars to the next academic year! Your meal plan dollars will carry over into a taxable plan that can only be used at the Brock Dining Services locations on campus (Please note: there is a 1 week blackout period after the last day of exams in April for reconciliation purposes. During this time your meal plan dollars will not be accessible, but Flex dollars will be).  Should you leave Brock, any unused meal plan dollars are non-refundable and non-transferable.

*If you are living in a traditional residence (DeCew, Earp, Vallee & Lowenberger) and you do not choose a meal plan you will automatically be enrolled in the Regular PlanThose students living in a non-traditional residence (Village & Quarry View) or Off-Campus who would like a meal plan MUST sign up for one by filling out a form online or at the Brock Card Office.

*All students living in non-traditional residences (Village and Quarry View) will automatically be charged $300 flex dollars.

You can find the Meal Plan Purchase Form here