Departmental ICB

Departmental ICB

ICB (Inclining Cash Balance) is the flexible, no worry alternative to a credit card or cash. It is fast and convenient; all you need to do is swipe n' go! It is free to set up, has no transaction or monthly fees, and allows you to decide what your weekly spending limit is. You will receive monthly statements for your charges and the Brock Card office will invoice the finance department using your departmental account number. You can obtain detailed receipts from the cashier or call Brock Card (905-688-5550 x4770) to have your charges printed out.  

Inclining Cash Balance (ICB) works on the same principal as a credit card but without the interest! ICB is geared specifically to give you peace of mind. You don't have to carry cash or make a last minute trip to the ATM machine. Use ICB for those important meetings and last minute catering.

To obtain a new department charge card, please visit our office or send your request by email to, and we will provide you with the necessary forms to fill out. Please note that each card holder will need their own card with picture.

Accepted Locations:

DeCew & Lowenberger Dining Halls
The Hungry Badger
Alphie's Bistro (Serving faculty, staff, graduate students & their guests)
The Guernsey Market
Tim Hortons - 2 locations
All BUSU food service outlets
Nobu's Noodles - International Building

The Hub Cafe - 80 King St. (inside Corbloc)
Mahtay Café & Lounge - St. Paul Street
Boston Pizza - Pen Centre
Pizza Pizza - Glendale Avenue
Domino’s Pizza – Hartzel Road
Johnny Rocco's - Merritt Street