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1941: Governor General's Award, Calling Adventurers!

1943: Women's Canadian Club Literary Award

1983: CBC Literary Competition, third prize

Anne Marriot was born in Victoria in 1913 and educated in private schools there. She lived for periods of time in Squamish, Prince George and Vancouver, and lived the greater part of her life in North Vancouver, where she died in 1997. Marriott is often charcaterized as a ‘prairie writer,’ because most famous for having written the spectacular long poem, The Wind Our Enemy, while in her twenties (a poem she actually wrote after visiting relatives for a few weeks in 1937, during the height of the Depression in Saskatchewan). In fact, Marriott was very much a west coast writer. She was a founder, with Dorothy Livesay, Floris McLaren, Doris Ferne and Alan Crawley, of the modernist literary magazine, Contemporary Verse, in Victoria in 1941. Marriott produced 8 collections of poetry in all, four of them between 1939 and 1945, and the remainder after 1971. During the intervening years she worked as journalist and produced radio documentaries for use in schools, while raising a family of three children. Marriott won the Governor General's Award for Calling Adventurers! in 1941.

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