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1924: Prix David (Quebec), Dream Tapestries

Louise Morey Bowman was born on January 17, 1882 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. After private schooling and travel in Europe, Bowman married and settled in Toronto. Her first book of poems, Moonlight and Common Day, did not appear until 1922. Her second volume, Dream Tapestries (1924) was awarded Quebec's Prix David. Two years later, Bowman moved with her husband to Montreal. In 1937, Bowman served as president of the Montreal Branch of the Canadian Authors Association. Her final collection, Characters in Cadence, was published in 1938. L.M. Bowman died in September of 1944 in Montreal; the Montreal Star mourned the loss of “one of the most authentic of the younger lyric poets of this Dominion,” calling her “a writer of rare sincerity, who possessed both vision and a keen sense of beauty.”

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