Karl Thorp, Senior Platoon Supervisor

Karl Thorp, Senior Platoon Supervisor

Greetings, my name is Karl Thorp.

I am married to my lovely Cape Breton wife, Tanya and have 2 adopted children which have become our life treasures.

I have been employed at Brock Campus Security Services since September 19th, 2005 after successful completion of the Advanced Protective Services Course at Algonquin College. Prior to that I spent 4 ½ years as a member of the Corps of Commissionaires working in various venues, including a halfway house in Hamilton and Assumption High School in Burlington.

I spent 12 years in the Canadian Navy as a Naval Acoustic Operator where I detected, localized and classified ships and submarines. During my 12 years I visited many countries and served on many ships including the older style St. Laurent class ships through the new patrol frigates. I have served on duty with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Emergency Reaction Fleet as a member of the Naval Boarding and Helicopter Insertion Teams.

My duties at Brock University involve ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Brock University students, faculty, staff, visitors and property, preventing crime and educating the Brock Community with respect to the Community Policing Philosophy. I have police powers on University property with respect to enforcing sections of the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario, Trespass to Property Act, Mental Health Act, as well as other provincial and all federal statutes.

We are all members of the Brock Community and need to work together to ensure that all Brock University is a safe place to work and play.

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