What is Operation I.D.?

Campus Security

What is Operation I.D.?

Operation I.D. is a crime prevention project that is designed to protect your valuables from theft.

Operation I.D.'s main principle is that individuals mark their property by using an engraver and using their S.I.N. or driver's licence as an identifiable number that can be traced back to the rightful owner. This engraving should be done in an area that cannot be easily removed and which is not easily seen, preferably adjacent to the manufacturer's model or serial number.

How can you participate?

Engravers are available for loan from the Campus Security office during regular business hours.

After your property is marked, make a list of your valuables and keep a copy of the list in a safe place. Photographs of these items will also be of assistance when descriptions are needed should that item be stolen.

Mark these possessions

Here is a list of items that are most typical stolen from homes, businesses and vehicles.


Television Sets Hubcaps Watches
Stereo Equipment VCR's computers
Car Audio Components Calculators Jewellery
Cameras Musical Instruments Bikes
CD players Monitors Printers
Sport Equipment Small appliances