Alchohol Policy

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Alchohol Policy

The Campus Alcohol Policy and Practices Advisory Committee (CAPPAC)
Category: Student Services
Responsibility: Associate Vice President Student Services
Approval: Board of Trustees
Next Review: August, 2004


Brock University is committed to proper management of events where alcoholic beverages will be served, to minimizing the misuse of alcoholic beverages and to providing education on event risk management.

1. Purpose of the Committee:

To facilitate the development, implementation and awareness of the alcohol policy for the University.

To establish the criteria and procedures for organizations permitted to operate under the University’s liquor licenses.

To promote educational programs aimed at low risk drinking behaviours in a safe environment.
The committee will review on an annual basis the policy, best practice procedures, alcohol related problems on campus and enforcement of sanctions.

Membership of the committee:

Associate Vice-President Student Services
Director of Residences or designate
Manager of Hospitality Services
Representative - Faculty
Representative – Campus Security Services
Representative – Environment, Health and Safety
Representative – Athletics
Representative – Student Development Centre
Representative – Student Health Services
Representative – BUSU
General Manager – BUSU
Liquor Services and Entertainment Programmer – BUSU


A. Campus alcohol policies are intended to guide practices related to alcohol use in order to achieve the following:

To promote responsible attitudes and choices regarding alcohol use among members of the Brock University community.

To balance wet and dry facilities and programs so that all student, staff, faculty, consumers and abstainers will be adequately served and protected.

To promote awareness of the effects of use and abuse of alcohol.

To minimize high risk drinking behaviour.

To reduce the possibility of alcohol related injuries and/or deaths and/or damage to property.

To protect Brock University from liability with respect to alcohol related incidents.

To protect the Brock University Students’ Union from liability with respect to alcohol related incidents.

B. This policy supports the practice of providing alcohol on campus through well-managed licensed facilities. The practice as presented is warranted for the following reasons:

Alcohol use is an accepted accompaniment to social interaction.

The decision to consume or not consume alcohol is a personal one. Individuals are responsible for and will be held accountable for their actions while under the influence of alcohol. Individuals are responsible for understanding and complying with University policies and provincial laws related to alcohol.

Well-managed facilities on campus have the potential to provide a safer environment than off campus facilities.

On campus services and programs offer opportunities to encourage responsible choices regarding alcohol use.

2. Management of Alcohol on Campus:

The University has two liquor licenses for the campus. The campus includes all property owned or leased by Brock University. One license is held by the Brock University Students’ Union and the second is held by the Vice-President Finance and Administration. The license holders have the ultimate responsibility for the formulation and ongoing review of procedures to regulate the retail, service, consumption and possession of alcohol at the University. Additionally, they are responsible for the renewal and extension of licenses, the monitoring of licensed premises and events and prevention of violations of the Liquor License Act. Policies have been established for Brock’s residences, Isaac’s Bar and Grill and venues used by Conference and Hospitality Services. In all cases, the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) governs the consumption of alcohol on campus. The consequences of failing to comply with this policy or with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission regulations ( could result in charges or suspension of privileges. Individuals are responsible for, and will be held accountable for, understanding and complying with University policies and criminal and provincial laws related to alcohol.

Violations and Penalties:

In addition to penalties applied under the Liquor License Act, any violation of these regulations shall constitute a violation of the University alcohol policy and shall be reported to and reviewed by the appropriate department.

If a violation of this policy is found under the Student Code of Conduct, the designated University official may terminate, suspend or modify the privileges of the individual or organization found to have violated the policy.

In determining whether or not to hold an organization liable for its members at a sponsored event, consideration will be given to the efforts of the organization to comply with the policy.

3. Serving and Consumption of Alcohol:
This policy covers students, staff or faculty wishing to hold events at which alcohol may be served, whether on or off campus. The “events at which alcohol may be served” are those where the student(s), faculty or staff holding the event act as a designated representative of the University or member of a student, staff or faculty group or organization of the University. This will include, but is not limited to, departmental organizations and student clubs.

In all circumstances, on and off campus, where the University or its representatives provide alcohol, or where alcohol is provided by a third party on premises over which the University or its representatives have care and control, including the power to admit or exclude others, the following must be adhered to:

A. All service and consumption of alcohol must conform to the provisions of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario and this policy.

B. Normally, only designated agents of the license holders (Isaac's in the Student Centre and Hospitality Services for the rest of campus) may serve alcohol on campus.

C. With the exception of Section VI regulation 7/8 of the Liquor Licence Act, which pertains to the use of alcohol by the Cool Climate, Oenology and Viticulture Institute, consumption of alcohol by persons under the age of 19 is illegal. Individuals under the age of 19 who are found consuming alcohol will be subject to University discipline and/or sanctions imposed under Law.

D. If a person under the age of 19 is found consuming alcohol at a licensed event, the licence holder may be subject to sanctions imposed under Law.

E. If an individual is found selling or serving alcohol to persons under the age of 19 they will be subject to sanctions imposed under the Student Code of Conduct and/or under Law.

F. A photo identification and monitoring system will be employed to ensure underage guests do not consume alcohol.

G. No person is to be served who appears to be intoxicated.

H. No person who is apparently intoxicated may be permitted to leave the venue until reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the person’s safety and well-being.

I. Alcohol may not be consumed in public areas of the campus except in designated "licensed" areas. Special events in non-designated areas need to be approved by the licence holder (Vice President, Finance and Administration) or designate. All requests for approval must be made at least 10 working days in advance through Hospitality Services.

J. Events on campus with student participants, at which alcohol will be served, must have prior approval of the Associate VP Student Services (Isaac’s events excepted). Requests for approval should be initiated 10 working days in advance of the event through Hospitality Services.

K. Anyone serving alcohol must be certified in an appropriate training program, as approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, (e.g. SmartServe) within 30 days of employment.

L. Procedures for the serving and consumption of alcohol at Isaac’s Bar and Grill are outlined in Appendix A.

M. Neither the University nor the Brock University Students’ Union will obtain a special occasion or equivalent licence to operate off campus events involving alcohol, except with the permission of the Brock University licence holder. Student events must be in compliance with the Student Event Risk Management procedures (appendix B).

No individual shall use the name of the University or any of its departments in an application for a special occasion or equivalent licence to operate an event off campus.

No individual shall use the name of the Brock University Students’ Union or any of its sanctioned clubs in an application for a licence to operate an event off campus.

N. All Brock University organizations and departments wishing to host or organize dances, banquets, and other events at which alcohol will be served are encouraged to consider one of the on campus venues available for these functions.

Depending on the venue, individuals who wish to organize an event on campus should call Conference Services, Hospitality Services or the BUSU Liquor Services and Entertainment Programmer.

If an off campus venue is preferred, organizers should refer to and comply with the Student Event Risk Management procedures.

Clubs and organizations ratified with the Brock University Students’ Union must register any off campus event with the BUSU Business Manager 15 days prior to the event. Upon approval from BUSU, clubs must comply with the Student Event Risk Management procedures.

O. In accordance with the Liquor License Act, no activity shall be permitted that would promote immoderate consumption of alcohol (self-serve or unlimited bars). No group associated with Brock University or the Brock University Students’ Union may sell tickets that give the holder access to an unspecified number of alcoholic beverages.

P. The appropriate disciplinary process will deal with problems that arise with faculty, staff or other Brock personnel with respect to the Campus Alcohol policy. Additionally, the License Holder may revoke event privileges if appropriate.


Campus Security Services will provide assistance, upon request, by assigning uniformed or non-uniformed officers for any University alcohol related event. The individual or organization requesting such officers shall be responsible for their compensation. Any individual or organization requesting assistance must make the request no later than 10 working days prior to the function. Any time a function is organized, consideration must be given to security as outlined in the Student Event Risk Management procedures.

The Director or any officer assigned by him/her to provide assistance shall have authority to terminate any function where the possession, consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages is being conducted in violation of these regulations or the laws and regulations of Ontario (e.g. AGCO, Trespass to Property Act).

Brock University Campus Security Services shall at times employ student event staff, with appropriate training, to attend and monitor on and off campus events and to ensure compliance with applicable laws and the University policy.

5. Off-campus Establishments:

Bus trips to bars or drinking establishments or other events where alcohol is the primary focus will not be permitted.

Any unauthorized vehicle sent to the campus by any off campus bar for the purpose of transporting individuals to their privately owned club or bar will not be permitted on campus.
No alcohol is to be sold on campus except by the University and BUSU and in accordance with policies. Companies are prohibited from selling and/or delivering alcohol on campus except as arranged by BUSU or the University.

6. Advertising of Events Involving Alcohol:

A. Advertising includes posters, flyers, advertisements in campus publications, and can include other media outlets. Advertising on campus, or involving campus operations, must comply with University and/or BUSU policy and must conform to standards set out by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and the Liquor License Act.

B. Brock University’s policies apply to media for which regulation and enforcement is reasonable and possible. University departments with bulletin boards and BUSU posting policies regulate all posting.

C. Postings from off campus licensed establishments are prohibited.

D. The University and BUSU reserve the right to remove any form of advertising of events involving alcohol as follows:

Not approved for posting (refer to University and BUSU advertising/posting policies)
Off campus bar ads promoting “Brock Nights” or similar events

Advertising promoting drinking games, keg parties, price specials on alcoholic drinks, free drink offers, or any other type of promotion or inducement prohibited by applicable laws or regulations.

E. Penalties for infractions of this policy are as follows:
Written requests to cease inappropriate material can be issued on behalf of the University or BUSU.
· Advertising can be denied for publications, clients can be requested to change their advertising and/or advertising can be altered to follow policies.

Complaints may be filed through the AGCO.
Non-student offenders can be charged with trespassing through the authority of Campus Security.
Student offenders can be referred to Campus Security and/or the Discipline Committee

Promotions and Inducements:

A. In accordance with the Council of Ontario University (COU) "Principles Concerning Alcohol Promotions and Inducements," Brock University has adopted the following:

In its dealings with alcohol manufacturers and their agents, the University will conform to a set of principles concerning the types of promotions, advertising and sponsorships allowed, and those principles will be applied consistently and uniformly to all manufacturers and their agents.

Brock University will conform to a set of principles regarding the ways in which it will acknowledge the sponsorship of events or activities on its campus, and those principles will be applied uniformly and consistently to all manufacturers. The current law regarding promotions, inducements and advertising dictates these principles.

No employee of the University or the Students’ Union will accept gifts of money, alcohol or promotional items from manufacturers, except as permitted by the regulations of the Liquor Licence Act and the LCBO directives.

The University will allow only registered agents of liquor manufacturers to represent those manufacturers on campus.

All promotions by beer, wine and liquor manufacturers and their agents must be cleared through the designated contact person acting on behalf of the license holder.

B. In addition to and not withstanding other sections of this policy the Department of Athletics conform to "Guidelines of the Department of Athletics regarding advertising, promotional items and product from commercial suppliers".

8. Alcohol Provision and Staff Training:

A. All BUSU Bar Staff and Hospitality Services Personnel will complete Smart Serve or an approved equivalent within 30 days of commencing employment. In the interim, new staff is to be supervised by trained staff.

B. All Residence Life Staff and Residence Community Patrol Staff will be trained in issues around alcohol including how to identify signs of intoxication and manage the care of intoxicated people.

9. Alcohol Education and Services:
A. Annually, CAPPAC will review plans for alcohol awareness programming by various campus offices in order to ensure that educational objectives will be addressed.

(1) Educational programs for the campus community are facilitated by:
a. Office of the Associate VP, Student Services
b. Student Development Centre
c. Student Health Services
d. Department of Residences
e. Human Resources
f. Environment, Health and Safety
g. Campus Security Services
h. Academic Departments
i. Department of Athletics
k. Isaac’s Bar and Grill
l. Hospitality Services

10. Problems related to alcohol use:

A. Personal Counselling Services and Student Health Services are available to students who are experiencing problems related to alcohol use. Referrals to community agencies can be arranged through these offices. Residence Life Staff, Residence Security Staff, Hospitality Services Staff and BUSU Bar Staff must be oriented to these services as part of their training.

B. Students whose behaviour violates the standards of conduct set out in the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures, the Residence Community Guiding Principles, and the Department of Athletics Student Athlete Handbook are subject to discipline under said guidelines.

Adopted April, 1992
Revised September, 1994
Third Revision, September , 2004

Appendix A

Isaac’s All Ages Policy
Isaac’s maintains a wet/dry policy that allows students that are not of age to enjoy entertainment within Isaac’s. Our policy requires underage students upon entering Isaac’s to exchange their student id or license for a wristband and an X on their right hand. During this process, the door staff will explain to the student that in the event that the student is caught drinking, appeared to have been drinking, or tampered with their wristband, they will be written up and an incident report will be filed with the discipline committee for review. Additionally, if a student fails to pick up their card at the end of night they are assumed guilty and an incident report will be filed. Isaac’s has a number of security staff constantly monitoring the room for underage drinking throughout the night. The wet/dry policy is in effect for events that are of a relaxed or “sitting” nature (i.e. comedy night). Events that focus on dancing and large crowds will have two areas sectioned off to separate the dry zone from the alcohol zone. When such events take place, the dry zone will be designated as the lower level and the upper level will be designated as the nineteen plus area. For events in which the areas are separated, a wristband will be required to enter the upper level, as well as a valid driver’s license. Alcohol will not be sold on the bottom level and will not be transferable between levels during such events.

Policy
Isaac’s presently allows a Brock Student to sign in two non-Brock students (guests). The Brock student is made fully aware of the consequences should one of his/her guests cause trouble that results in dismissal from the pub. The Brock student is also made aware that they are directly responsible for the actions of their guests, and will be judged by the discipline committee as such. The Brock student is made aware of this responsibility through a bold disclaimer on the sign in document that stipulates these responsibilities and consequences.

Banned List
Isaac’s will work with the discipline committee to ensure that the names of previously banned patrons will be recorded and the head security staff will receive a list so that these individuals can be monitored on a week-to-week basis.

On Thursday nights Isaac’s will employ student security with a ratio of one door staff for every 35 patrons. In addition four management and 15 other staff will be on duty. Isaac’s will hire 2 Niagara Regional Police every Thursday night and one Campus Security officer will be available on campus.

Appendix B

Student Event Risk Management


Through its risk management procedures, Brock University seeks to minimize the level of risk while still offering quality events for students. These procedures are established to create an awareness of the planning/safety issues and protect both the students who attend an event and the organizers of the event.

These procedures cover both on campus and off campus non-academic related activities that are organized or sanctioned by the University or its divisions on behalf of all undergraduate and graduate students and that are deemed to have controllable risk.

All student organized events, or events that are organized for students, must adhere to the following risk management procedure.

1. It is recommended that the Primary Event Organizer Contract, Student Event Proposal and Risk Assessment Matrix, if applicable, be submitted 21 days in advance of the event. The forms must be submitted 7 days prior to the event, however due to the complexity of some events, 21 days may be needed to assess the risk of certain events.

2. The Student Conduct and Activities Officer (SCAO) will distribute the Primary Event Organizer Contract, Student Event Proposal and Risk Assessment Matrix, to all secondary approval organizations including but not limited to, BUSU, Residence Management, and Faculty Advisor/Chairs.

The following is a list where the SCAO will seek secondary approval for various organizations.

2.1 Will seek secondary approval by BUSU for all BUSU-recognized organizations
2.2 Will seek secondary approval by the Residence Management for all Residence Groups
2.3 For all non BUSU and non Residence student groups the SCAO will seek secondary approval by a full time Brock employee affiliated with the organization, including, but not limited to, Faculty Advisors, Departmental Chairs and Coaches.
2.4 Will seek secondary approval of the BUSU Business Manager for all BUSU executive events

3. All secondary approval organizations will consider the event and return the Primary Event Organizer Contract, Student Event Proposal and Risk Assessment Matrix to the SCAO.

4. After receiving the Primary Event Organizer Contract, Student Event Proposal and Risk Assessment Matrix back from the secondary approval organizations the SCAO will notify the Primary Event Organizer as to whether or not the event has been approved as proposed. The signature of the Student Conduct and Activities Officer will signify final approval.

5. The Primary Organizer of all events that involve organized travel must submit bus monitor contracts (if applicable) or event monitor contracts 24 hours before the event to the SCAO.

5.1 Travel Waivers, if applicable, for all participants must be signed 24 hours prior to the event. These forms must be submitted to the SCAO one working day before the event.

6. If there are any injuries to any participants or damage done to the area in which the event is being held, a Brock University Incident Report is to be filled out by the Primary Event Organizer and submitted to the SCAO within one working day of the event. The SCAO will immediately send a copy of the incident report to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

7. The area(s) in which the event took place must be returned to status found prior to the event. If the event is held in a residential area, either on campus or off campus, it is not to disturb the other residences in the surrounding area(s)

8. The SCAO reserves the right to inspect any student event. If at any time during the inspection, the SCAO deems the event to be unsafe, the event will be stopped and the Primary Event Organizer will be held accountable.

Statement of non-compliance:

9. If any organization does not follow the risk management procedure, in whole or in part, the Primary Event Organizer will be notified and must meet with the Student Conduct and Activities Officer within ten working days of the event. If the Primary Event Organizer is deemed responsible, the following is a list of possible sanctions that could be issued by the SCAO.

Letter of reprimand
Suspension of activities for the organization
A period of probation during which further incidents will be subject to stiffer and/or automatic sanctions
Community service
Written apologies
Recommended exclusion from facilities of the University for a specified period of time
Others determined by the Student Conduct and Activities Officer

If there are any questions about the policy or any of the procedures, the Student Conduct and Activities Officer is to be contacted.

Appendix C

Alcohol Risk Management Chart

Does your event involve the use of alcohol?

Indicate N/A where not applicable to this event.
Risk IdentificationWhat are the risks?Ideas include, but are not limited to: Risk AnalysisHow can it affect participants? Risk CharacterizationHow likely are we to encounter this risk? Risk EvaluationHow severe is this risk? Risk ManagementWhat will I do to reduce the impact of this risk?
Alcohol Provision
Ensuring age of majority
Identifying/managing intoxicated people
Ejection of intoxicated people
Care/Transportation for ejected people


Student Code of Conduct
Access to licensed facilities and events:
Access to campus events where alcohol is served is subject to restrictions for persons under 19 years of age. Students who are of age must make responsible choices regarding the use of alcohol in order to maintain their privilege to attend such events.
Misconduct Related to the Use of Alcohol
No student shall: Be intoxicated on University premises;
Invite, sign in, or admit as his/her guest a non-student of Brock except as s/he assumes full responsibility for the guest's behaviour as it relates to the Code of Student Conduct;
Be in possession of or consume alcoholic beverages at an event designated as a "dry" event;
Be in possession of or consume alcoholic beverages while not in possession of authorized admission to a pub or event;
Consume alcohol anywhere on campus if under the age of 19 years;
Knowingly furnish alcoholic beverages to any person under the age of 19 years.
NOTE: Intoxication is never grounds for leniency. Rather, excessive drinking itself is subject to sanctioning, notwithstanding and in addition to sanctions imposed for misconduct associated with drinking.The University Discipline Panel may apply any one or any combination of the following sanctions: . A letter of reprimand . A period of probation during which further incidents will be subject to automatic sanctions . Restitution for damages . A verbal and/or written apology . Fines up to $500 . Removal of privileges for use of licensed facilities on campus . A period of service to the University or the Student Union not to exceed 21 hours . Completion of an educational program or project . Suspension from extra-curricular activities of the University community for a specified period of time not to exceed one yearThe University Discipline Panel may also recommend to the Associate Vice President, Student Services the following sanctions: . Exclusion from facilities of the University (in whole or in part) for a specified period of time, not to exceed one year . Suspension from the University . Expulsion from the University . Any other sanction deemed appropriate by the Discipline Panel but not appearing on the previous list

Residence Code of Conduct

If students choose to drink alcohol, the only acceptable way to do so is legally and responsibly. Those who are underage are not permitted to drink alcohol whether it is in our licensed pub or in the privacy of their residence rooms. Age of Majority (legal drinking age) in Ontario is 19 years of age. The consumption of alcohol is illegal in the public areas of the campus and in the public areas of the residence, including but not limited to all residence stairwells, pedestrian level of the DeCew residence, the elevator in the Vallee Residence and outside in the courts of the Village, EARP and Quarry View.

Drinking responsibly, for those who choose to drink, means not drinking to excess where there are short term or long term effects to your judgement and/or health; not letting drinking interfere with academics (assignments, classes, studying) and not drinking and driving.

We want students to have a positive experience in residence. Illegal and/or irresponsible use of alcohol will have a detrimental effect on the residence experience and may be cause for disciplinary action up to and including eviction from the residence.