Welcomed by the Brock and St. Catharines community! Any donations can be dropped off in Decew 217 between the hours of 830am and 330pm. Call 905 688 5550 ext 4764 in advance to ensure someone is in the office.

Each year, students travelling on the Solidarity Experience Abroad Programs are encouraged to collect and bring donations to their country of destination.  In many cases, travellers are allowed two suitcases of 23kg (50 lbs) each.  It has become the tradition for each student to collect enough donations to fill one suitcase with donations while using the other suitcase for personal belongsngs.

The donations collected by students are given directly to the organizations worked with in the community.  Solidarity Experiences Abroad supervises the distribution of these donations to ensure that they are used for their intended purposes. After spending time in their various volunteer placements, building relationships with the people and organizations they volunteer with, students are able to distribute the donations to the various organizations and placements they have been working in. The collected donations are greatly needed and appreciated by the communities.

Donation items are generally the same for all countries.  Further donation information specific to each country - due to specific projects - will be given during the Pre-Departure Orientation meetings.  Monetary donations may also be collected by students. These donations are used to fund various projects that students participate in while on the trips such as the construction of schools, etc.  Cheques should be issued to the order of Solidarity Experiences Abroad (not Brock University).

Below are letter templates that can be used when collecting donations from various organizations/corporations.  If you are interested in having them printed out on Brock letterhead, please contact the office.  All use of donation letters that are printed on Brock letterhead must first be approved by the SEA Brock Club or Campus Ministries. Therefore, please email for confirmation.

Dental Hygiene Campaign (.doc)
General Donation Campaign (.doc)

If you are interested in conducting a presentation in front of your church, family,  or any other organization to help with the collection of donations, please feel free to use any of the following PowerPoint presentations.  You may also be interested in using the donations checklist as a handout at your presentations.

Donations PowerPoint (.ppt)
Donations Presentation (.ppt)

If you would like to have a signed thank-you letter sent out to anyone who made a significant contribution, please send an email to with the name and address.  Please mention what the contribution consisted of and their relationship to you.

For more information about donations please contact



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