Br. Raoul Masseur

Br. Raoul Masseur


Roman Catholic Campus Minister 

Phone: (905) 688-5550 Ext. 4764
Office: DeCew Res. Rm 216/217

When I was young I spent "years" surfing and seeking for an ideal for my life. I went to university in different countries to study Philosophy and Theology as a personal search for answers to me and I found them. In 1987 I became a Consecrated Layman of the Sodality of Christian Life by professing my Perpetual Promises.

The past 20 years I have been travelling frequently leading solidarity missions within the three Americas, Africa and Asia. I also have been working extensively with young people and professors in several projects at universities, in social community development programs globally, in Evangelization of Culture projects worldwide, organizing international congresses, preaching retreats, counseling, learning languages, publishing books, supervising TV productions, leading Bible Study Breakfasts with businessmen, teaching, promoting sacred architecture projects, developing science-faith dialogues at universities, doing fundraising for community development projects, etc., etc..

I have been a Professor since 1983, so I feel very comfortable in academic environments and enjoy talking with and spending time with students.

Some of my favorite topics and personal studies are related to social justice, psychology, education, history of religious orders, cultural trends, the cultural impact of the new technologies, ethics and counseling. With regards to counseling, if you need to talk with me just let me know.

I feel that I have done many interesting things in my life and I have many projects to share. I love good intellectual debates and video-forums.

There are three people that I have met personally who have impressed my life in many ways Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa.

I like playing racket ball, soccer and basketball, and of course surfing and body surfing.

I'm regularly on campus Monday through Friday from 9:15am-4:30pm, Sunday 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Please contact me personally or by phone 905-688-5550 ext.4764 or




Brock University Catholic Chaplain & Coordinator of the SEA Program
Br. Raoul Masseur


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