Paul LeBlanc: Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences

Paul LeBlanc: Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences

Research: Skeletal muscle, health, cellular membrane, and lipids

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Paul LeBlanc sees the true extent of this statement in his research every day.

LeBlanc focuses his research on the role that skeletal muscle plays in human health. Skeletal muscle is a highly metabolic tissue and its structure and function can be affected by nutrition and physical activity.

LeBlanc compares how skeletal muscle adapts to diet and exercise under metabolic disorders like obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Using rodents as models, LeBlanc and his team examine the impact of these conditions at the cellular level, determining the function of metabolic enzymes within cellular membranes.

LeBlanc recently received $130,000 in research funding to study the structure of skeletal muscle cellular membranes and their influence on biophysical and metabolic function.


Paul LeBlanc