Costa Metallinos: Associate Professor, Chemistry

Costa Metallinos: Associate Professor, Chemistry

Research: design, synthesis and applications of chiral reagents for asymmetric catalysis

Today’s top chefs are recognized for their use of unconventional methods to create unique recipes. Today’s top chemists are on a similar pursuit. Costa Metallinos’ quest involves using unconventional methods to build better catalysts.

Today, the search for new catalysts is of paramount importance to many industries, including pharmaceutical companies, because of the exciting potential they present for the selective synthesis of small molecules. Metallinos and his research team are specifically focused on designing new chiral reagents and catalysts that have yet to be investigated for applications in asymmetric synthesis because of a lack of viable routes for their preparation. 

In designing structurally unique catalysts, considering long-term efficiency is key. Designs that originate from materials that are inexpensive and readily available will ensure more widespread future use. The unique approach of Metallinos’s team has already resulted in one patent, with another application being pursued.

Given the impressive results of his research team in their current space, Metallinos is excited to see the team thrive in the new Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex.

“The biggest difference is just going to be having space for my team to do their work efficiently,” he says. “Whether that’s more fume hoods or adequate lab benches, these simple things are going to make a significant impact on our work.”

That certainly sounds like a recipe for success.


Costa Metallinos