Nota Klentrou: Professor, Kinesiology

Nota Klentrou: Professor, Kinesiology

Research: hormonal regulation of human growth and maturation, focusing on biochemical markers of bone turnover and skeletal development

As a young gymnast, Nota Klentrou didn’t realize that her cautious steps across the carpet holding a rope, a hoop or a ribbon were the first steps toward an illustrious research career.

Today, Klentrou’s research focuses on the effects of adiposity, physical activity and training on the growth, maturation, health and performance of youth. Her research covers a range of topics, including pediatric physiology, skeletal development, exercise interventions, osteoporosis prevention and cardiovascular health. Klentrou’s research, which has received funding support from all three of Canada’s national research councils, takes an interdisciplinary approach to health promotion by investigating health risk behaviours, related physiological outcomes and intervention strategies throughout the lifespan. Klentrou is also pursuing research on the hormonal regulation of growth and maturation of young athletes.

The Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex will provide Klentrou and her research team with access to a state-of-the-art wet lab, enabling detailed analysis of saliva, urine and blood for her research. Additional freezer storage space will also improve Klentrou’s research capabilities.


Nota Klentrou