Hongbin (Tony) Yan: Associate Professor, Chemistry

Hongbin (Tony) Yan: Associate Professor, Chemistry

Research: nucleic acid and carbohydrate chemistry

While battling genetic mutation and superbugs may seem like a plot taken straight from the latest sci-fi blockbuster, Tony Yan’s research has nothing to do with a Hollywood script.

Yan’s research, which focuses on the chemistry, biochemistry, and application of molecules of biological importance, including nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids and their conjugates, is uncovering new approaches to address one of the world's most pressing public health threats: antibiotics resistance.

Yan’s group is pursuing research aimed at improving the efficacy of nucleic acid drugs, developing effective vaccine formulations to combat infectious diseases caused by bacterial pathogens, and disrupting bacterial biofilms, which have a significant role in antibiotic resistance. His team is also developing methods that will allow for a more efficient preparation of RNA therapeutics.

Yan's research program will be greatly enhanced by the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, since it is dependent on advanced chemical and biological lab facilities, space to accommodate analytical equipment, and clean space for biochemistry experiments.


Hongbin (Tony) Yan