Debbie O’Leary: Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences

Debbie O’Leary: Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences

Research: cardiovascular physiology, focusing on blood flow, blood pressure regulation and vascular disease

Debbie O’Leary has her finger on the pulse of our children. Literally.

O’Leary’s research focuses on the maintenance and regulation of arterial blood pressure. More recently, she has been focused on studying the effect of childhood obesity and hypertension on blood pressure regulation and how it can differ depending on age, gender and posture.

As the director of the Brock University Heart Institute, O’Leary has access to a true living lab. She promotes and improves cardiovascular health in Niagara residents who have been diagnosed with or who are at high risk for heart disease through risk factor modification and supervised physical activity.

The Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex will provide O’Leary with access to a wet lab, which will vastly improve her team’s research capability.


Debbie O’Leary