Ana Sanchez: Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences

Ana Sanchez: Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences

Research: infectious diseases, especially neglected tropical diseases

The globalization of infectious diseases is making the work of Ana Sanchez more relevant than ever.

Her research focuses on emergent and re-emergent pathogens, tropical parasites, and the association between travel immigration and global patterns of infectious disease. She is particularly interested in studying the transfer of disease from animals to humans as well as in addressing research priorities of ancient tropical diseases that continue to devastate the health of the poor in developing countries.

Sanchez was awarded a $1.5 million Global Health Research Initiative grant to strengthen research as a solution in the fight of infectious diseases in Honduras, a country with one of the highest rates of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Central America. This program fosters interdisciplinary research and integrates students and faculty members from Brock with Central American counterparts.

Sanchez believes that the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex will support important health research that will help prepare Niagara for potential infectious disease threats of the future.


Ana Sanchez