B-roll video footage

B-roll video footage

B-roll video footage

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This footage is from several laboratories in the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex. The images can be used with voice-overs, as there is no sound.

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Shot list

00:00 – 00:29, Scott Golem, Master’s student in Biotechnology, and Amanda Bering, Master’s student in Biology, working on the PCR machines, which amplifies DNA fragments (these machines are used in genetic research)

00:30 – 00:54, Dr. Ping Liang, Canada Research Chair in Genomics and Bioinformatics, (older, shorter man on the left and centre with glasses) instructing his students as they carry out their DNA research

00:55 – 1:38, Golem placing DNA samples in the electrophoresis machine, which visualizes the size of DNA fragments

1:39 – 2:02, Ammarah Soofi, Bachelor of Science student, placing a sample on a stirring plate, which stirs compounds

2:03 – 2:57, Charis Stamatatos, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, carries out filtration under vacuum to separate solids from the solution

2:57 – 3:37, Dimitrios Alexandropoulos, PhD student in Chemistry, operates equipment that mixes two liquids using the layering method

3:38 – 4:14, Dimosthenis Giannopoulos, Master’s student in Chemistry, writes up the results of his research and injects a liquid into a tube

4:14 – 4:40, Sam Mula, PhD student in Chemistry, checks samples in the incubator used in photosynthesis research

4:41 – 5:27, Art Van Der Est, Professor of Chemistry, adjusts the settings on laser beam equipment; the flashing lights are electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer