CMA Brock Accounting Research and Education Centre (CMA BAREC)

Goodman School of Business

CMA Brock Accounting Research and Education Centre (CMA BAREC)

CMA BAREC’s primary purpose is to advance the practice and study of strategic management accounting and advanced management practices impacting on the management accounting profession. To the extent that they interact with managerial accounting areas of interest may include: financial accounting, auditing, not-for-profit accounting, taxation, accounting information systems, accounting education and other matters related to the selection and development of accounting students as entry level professionals.

Membership in the Centre is open to all Accounting faculty and other individuals interested in conducting managerial accounting research and/or developing proposals and materials to further management accounting education.



CMA BAREC - Objectives

The objectives of the Centre are to:
  • Promote the goals and objectives of Brock University and the Goodman School of Business in general and the Managerial Accounting discipline in particular.
  • Make known the commitment of Brock University to excellence in the areas of fundamental and applied accounting research and accounting education.
  • Encourage inter-disciplinary accounting research by accounting academics and accounting professionals, whose research interests can contribute to the solution of the problems of mutual interest.