Upon Return

Goodman School of Business

Upon Return

Submit Exchange Report

Once your exchange is finished, a report outlining your experiences is required. This is helpful to students planning to go on exchange in the future and provides us with feedback to improve the service we provide to students. You can also indicate your contact information, as it would be very helpful for future students who have questions to be able to contact you. However, it is not mandatory to make this information available.

Promote Your Exchange

Once you return, you will be Brock’s resident expert on the country you visited and the school you attended. You will have a big impact on other students who are thinking of participating in an exchange program by telling them about your personal experiences. As such, you may be asked to promote your exchange by helping with various promotional events, presenting to a class, or being approached by students with questions.

Get Your International Plus Passport

International Plus falls under the umbrella of Experience Plus and will be tracked through the Experience Plus system. There are 3 components of International Plus: exposure hours, workshops, and lectures. By participating in an exchange, you will have already fulfilled the exposure hour requirement, and the pre-departure session you attended fulfills the mandatory workshops. To complete International Plus, complete 2 additional lectures that have an international theme as well as 3 Career Services workshops (any of the Career Services workshops can be completed online). Check Registration details and update your Experience Plus account at my.brocku.ca.

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