MSc Curriculum

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MSc Curriculum

 Your MSc curriculum includes:

Your coursework is carefully designed in consultation with your thesis supervisor to include specialized MSc courses in relevant subject areas. The coursework provides you with a strong foundation for your future thesis and gives you exposure to different aspects of your discipline.
Research Seminars
We believe strongly that you should be an expert in your own field and also be familiar with other core areas of management. Biweekly research seminars focus on the presentation of academic research by yourself and your classmates, Goodman faculty members and visiting scholars. 
Research Methodology
Our research methodology courses provide you with a comprehensive overview of the methods commonly used in management research. You’ll gain knowledge of statistical techniques, survey research and experimental research design.
As the final component of your MSc in Management degree, the thesis demonstrates your ability for independent and original research. The thesis component is the focus of your second year of study and includes the preparation of your thesis proposal, the writing and research of your thesis and your thesis defense. You will work closely with your thesis supervisor and the members of your supervisory committee during this time. 
Sample thesis topics 
  • Management of Online Stock Keeping Units and Its Impact on E-Retailer Performance
  • Moderating role of supervisory behaviors and employee customer orientation
  • Reaction of the U.S. Treasury Market to the Auctions of Economic Derivatives
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategies and Key Performance Metrics in Web Retailing: A Data-Driven Modelling and Analysis
  • Environmental Disclosures: Firm characteristics and Market Response

Typical Program Plan

Your MSc curriculum is designed in careful consultation with your thesis supervisor. These sample program plans provide with examples of a possible program plan.

Operations and Information Systems Management 
Organization Studies

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