Career and PhD Placements

Goodman School of Business

Career and PhD Placements

The primary goal of the MSc is to teach students how to research and what to research. Our success has been measured by the 75% of our graduates that choose to pursue PhDs after their Goodman MSc.

A few examples of where our graduates have gone:

  • HEC Montreal (Accounting)
  • University of Houston (Marketing)
  • University of Buffalo (Finance)
  • Concordia University (Accounting)
  • University of Central Florida (Accounting)
  • University of Alberta (Organization Studies)
  • Michigan State University (Marketing)
  • McMaster University (Operations and Information Systems Management)

MSc grads also experience research success during and after the program. Sucessful papers and projects include:

  • Boichuk, Jeffrey (BBA '08, MSc '10). "Learned Helplessness among Newly Hired Salespeople and the Influence of Leadership". Journal of Marketing (A Financial Times top-listed journal)
  • Xu, Yuanbin (BBA '09, MSc '12) and Professor Ernest Biktimirov. "Market reactions and changes in the Nasdaq 100 index." Outstanding Investments Paper award at 2013 Eastern Finance Association.  
  • Wang, Chunrong (MAcc '09, MSc '11) and Prof. Ernest Biktimirov. "Model-based versus model-free implied volatility: Evidence from U.S., European, and Asian index option markets." Honourable mention award in Finance Divison at the ASAC 2013 Conference.
  • Zafar, Asma (MSc' 13), Prof. Dave Bouchkenooghe and Prof. Usman Raja. "How Ethical Leadership Shapes Employees' Job Performance: The Mediating Roles of Goal Congruence, and Psychological Captial." Paper accepted in 2014 for publication in the Journal of Business Ethics.

The MSc also prepares students for highly specialized industry positions.

You can find our graduates working as:

  • Marketing Analyst
  • Associate-Capital Markets Risk Management
  • Manager- Market Risk Management Operations
  • Information Technology Consultant