Work Experience- MBA FAQ

Goodman School of Business

Work Experience- MBA FAQ

I have no work experience but would like to apply to your MBA program. Can I apply?

We do not have any minimum work experience requirements. There are many motivations for pursing an MBA and we recognize that our MBA candidates come to our program at different stages of their career. Many candidates are using the MBA program to jump start their career while other candidates come to us with a desire to improve their theoretical knowledge and move upward into management. We welcome applicants with or without work experience. Applicants without work experience will not be at a disadvantage during the admissions process.

If you do not have any significant previous work experience, we highly recommend that you pursue the co-op option of the MBA program.


I have over ten years of work experience. Is the Goodman MBA the right fit for me?

The Goodman MBA program is diverse and includes MBA candidates with over 25 years of experience to students right out of undergrad. This creates an extremely enriching learning environment where, because no one has the same academic background nor the same amount of experience, everyone is able to learn something new that challenges their experience and their currently held viewpoints. No matter what your background, you will be challenged by the Goodman MBA.

There are many reasons that the Goodman MBA might be the right MBA program for you. As an AASCB Accredited School of Business, the Goodman MBA will give you the credentials and the knowledge to move higher in your organization. If you do not have a business background, it will give you legitimacy and technique by teaching you the foundations of good business. If you have been out of school for a while, the Goodman MBA will offer you a chance to upgrade your theoretical knowledge. Additionally, if you want to change from one field to another (marketing to finance, for example), the Goodman MBA will give you the knowledge and graduate degree needed to make that change.


I have extensive managerial work experience but I do not have a GMAT score. Can I apply to the MBA program?
Individuals who have a minimum of seven years of significant full-time managerial work experience and who meet all other MBA admission requirements, may be eligible for admission into the Graduate Diploma in Busines Administration without a GMAT score. The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration is a one year program that provides an alternative pathway to the MBA for working professionals with significant extensive managerial work experience.

The Graduate Diploma program is comprised of the same intorductory business courses offered in the MBA. Individuals who achieve an overall average of at least 75% in the GDBA program can transfer directly into the second year of the MBA degree program with the approval of the Goodman Graduate Programs Office.

Those students who opt to transfer to the MBA will not receive or will relinquish the Graduate Diploma and instead may use the GDBA earned credits to fulfill half of the MBA degree requirements.

We strongly encourage all individuals interested in the GDBA to request a pre-assessment through the Graduate Portal prior to applying.