Part Time Students- MBA FAQ

Goodman School of Business

Part Time Students- MBA FAQ

Can I study for my MBA part time?

Yes, we do accept students for part time study. Part time students may begin the program in either in January, April or September. Part time students complete the exact same courses as the full time students and are an important part of the Brock MBA program.

*Please note that part-time student who are unable to attend classes during the day may not be able to complete a specialization.

How many courses do I take a year?

Part time students typically take five courses a year (two in fall, two in winter and one in spring) in order to complete the program in four years. Students may take more or fewer courses each year, if they wish.

What will my schedule be like?

Most part time students attend classes in the evening. Many part time students, depending on their schedule, are also able to attend courses during the day. Occasionally, students may enroll in independent study electives that enable them to work closely with a professor on a topic that interests them.

We understand that due to work and personal commitments you may not always be able to take courses each semester. We are always willing to accommodate any requests for leaves of absence and are committed to ensuring that all of our students complete the MBA program.

Are part time students eligible for advanced standing?

Yes! The Goodman MBA program is one of the few MBA programs in Canada that offers advanced standing course exemptions that will shorten the length and cost of your graduate degree. All students who have graduated with a Canadian or American business undergraduate degree in the last seven years are eligible to be considered for advanced standing.

Advanced standing is awarded on a course by course basis.  Advanced standing will only be awarded for courses that meet our curriculum and minimum grade requirements. Course that are eligible for advanced standing are denoted with an asterisk on the General MBA program plan.

A minimum of 10 courses must be completed in order to earn the MBA degree.

Please feel free to contact us on the Goodman Graduate Portal to request an assessment of your eligibility for advanced standing.