Full Time Students - MBA FAQ

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Full Time Students - MBA FAQ

 How long is your full time program?

Our full time MBA program takes 20 months to complete (two academic years). Students study for four semesters, taking 5 courses each term (20 courses total). During the summer months, students will typically be on their co-op term, working on independent studies or relaxing after an extremely busy year!

The typical start date for the MBA program is September but we are usually able to accommodate students who would like to begin full time in January for any specialization but Accounting (CMA/MBA)

Do you offer an accelerated MBA for Business graduates? / What is advanced standing?

The Goodman MBA program is one of the few MBA programs in Canada that offers course exemptions that will shorten the length and cost of your graduate degree. Course exemptions are granted for courses that will be taken during the first year of the MBA program.

All students who have earned a Canadian or American business undergraduate degree in the last seven years are eligible to be considered for advanced standing. Advanced standing will only be awarded for courses that meet our curriculum and minimum grade requirements.

Advanced standing is awarded on a course by course basis. The maximum amount of advanced standing that a student can be awarded is 10 courses. Full time students who are awarded full advanced standing can complete the degree in eight months. Both part time and full time students are eligible for advanced standing.