Undergraduate Degree Eligibility- MBA (ISP) FAQ

Goodman School of Business

Undergraduate Degree Eligibility- MBA (ISP) FAQ

 I did not study business in my undergraduate degree. Can I still apply for the MBA (ISP)?

Yes! We accept students from many different backgrounds, not just business. Students who have never studied business before will not be at a disadvantage in the program. You will undertake study in all different areas of business, such as accounting, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, international business and human resource management. The small class sizes and the community feeling of the program will ensure personal attention and lots of opportunity to participate, contributing to your sense of understanding of the topic.

IIs my degree equivalent to a Canadian Four Year undergraduate degree?

The Faculty of Graduate Studies of Brock University requires that applicants have a four year honours degree or equivalent. If you are unsure of your degree eligiblity, please contact us for a pre-assessment.