Program Overview- MBA (ISP) FAQ

Goodman School of Business

Program Overview- MBA (ISP) FAQ

When was the program founded?

The Brock MBA (International Student Pathway) (MBA (ISP)) was founded in 2003. It became the Goodman MBA (ISP) in 2012. 

Brock University’s Goodman School of Business is known internationally for its rigorous undergraduate and graduate degrees and talented, well prepared and knowledgeable alumni. The Brock MBA (ISP) was created in order to offer international students a unique opportunity to improve their English language skills, while receiving a quality and relevant North American business education at any stage in their career.

What type of MBA program does Goodman offer?

The Goodman MBA (ISP) is a 21 month MBA program, with a co-op option, that caters to the unique needs of international students. The MBA (ISP) curriculum is designed to meet the applied needs of Canadian and international businesses while at the same time instilling graduates with strong theoretical knowledge, excellent communication abilities and the skills needed to be a successful manager. Throughout the program, Business English skills are emphasized and opportunities to improve language skills are provided. This pathway is designed to cover all foundational areas of business, ensuring that students can work in and understand all aspects and areas of their organization.

Can I study for my MBA (ISP) part time?

No, it is not possible to complete the MBA (ISP) program part time.

Do you accept transfer credits?

All MBA (ISP) students are required to complete all courses.